THE PEOPLE CALLED THEM THE CITIES  ➝ Saint Malo, the curious (Colin O’Donoghue).

« Par les portes de l’enfer qui conduisaient à Saint-Malo. »
The curious and teasing Saint Malo had his first breathe in the banging of waved against the rocky islets that will compose him later. At the beginning, nobody really cared about him since he was so quiet and humble. But out of nowhere, or so most of cities thought, he had a total reversing change in his personality. He became more flamboyant, more teasing, more eager to discover things, anything and more disillusioned. Only Vannes knows the reason of his new attitude. Only Vannes made the connection between his new attitude and the disappearance of Ys. It is said that opposites attract each other and it was exactly the case when he met the reckless Ys. She was everything that he wasn’t but they shared the same love for the ocean and its fits of anger. Saint Malo was until then quiet, pious and really lonely. He had very few friends and was happy on his own. Everything changed the day she left.

inspired by the amazing and mesmerizing fic paris burning.
More cities : Lille.

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