FANMIX SHIP : Erik/Charles - anything but ordinary   (x)

 ➝ IN THE END (linkin park)  
« i’ve put my trust in you, pushed as far as i can go for all this.
there’s only one thing you should know,
i tried so hard and got so far but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

i had to fall to lose it all but in the end it doesn’t even matter. »

SIDEDISH FRIEND (rachael yamagata)
« do you want to be my side dish friend ? cause i’ll miss you if go for good.
we could stay together stay together till the very end of time.
if it’s understood that i don’t want you hanging out with me
but i want you when i call.
we can stay together separately and we won’t be lonely at all.»

LOSING YOUR MEMORY (ryan star)  
« call all your friends, tell them i’m never coming back. 
'cause this is the end, pretend that you want it, don't react.
the damage is done, the police are coming too slow now.
i would have died, i would have loved you all my life. »

ORDINARY (train)
« and when the world is on its knees, with me it’s fine.
and when i come to the rescue i do it for you, time after time. 

everybody seems to be getting what they need, where’s mine.

cause you what i need so very but i’m anything but ordinary.
i think i’m trying to save the world from you. you’ve been saving me too.
we could just stay in and save each other. »

MEILLEURS ENNEMIS (pascal obispo ft zazie)
« c’est toi contre moi. on s’y retrouve, on s’y perd.
c’est toi contre moi. on se révolte. on se soumet.
mets-toi contre moi. la guerre encore, on s’y fait.
mets-toi contre moi pourvu qu’on reste les meilleurs ennemis.
les meilleurs ennemis du monde et tant pis si l’on est.
le mariage du ciel et de l’ombre, je te hais comme tu es. »

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