kamillahn wondered:
Oh don't worry! I guess you figured out but we're just going to the previews, so it's mostly just a formal thing with the opening night. I guess it's so they have a few weeks to work on the details, before the 'normal' shows begin :)

Yes. I figured it out but Jésus. It took me one hour at least to recover. XD i feel so stupid. I can’t wait!!!


Deleted scene from the critically acclaimed film, Gravity.


i think it’s a universal truth that everyone in our generation takes pluto’s losing its planetary status as a personal offense

FRENCH CAN DO IT BETTER (Disney version) : Zero to hero ➝ De zéro en héros

« Il n’était personne,…Un zéro, zéro…
Il tire le banco ! …C’est un Héros !…
Lui, le marmot qui ne disait mot,
De zéro en héros, il a changé de peau ! Zéro en héros, Illico ! »



Alistair Brammer takes over the Miss Saigon twitter feed, Day 1.


Chris and Kim looking lovely together :)


It’s the selfie we’ve all been waiting for :)

Prepare yourself for some Alistair invasion on your dash…